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Upon the dealership’s registration with the USCA, each & every employee shall have unlimited access to any, and all, online certification courses. 

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These courses have been designed to ensure the audience is fully aware of major federal rules, laws and regulations, which govern the everyday practices of operating a successful business, while maintaining compliance with federal guidelines.

Your dealership has chosen to have you take these courses as part of their ongoing efforts to ensure each and every employee understands, and complies with, these federal mandates.

The answers to each course are embedded within the framework of each course lesson’s presentation. Please take the time to read and understand each course presentation in its entirety prior to advancing to the quiz. 

Upon successful completion, you may now download and print a “Certificate of Completion,” you must correctly answer at least 75% of the questions. Each quiz ranges from 4 to ten questions.

Each quiz is designed with a random selection of ten questions, and this permits several staff members from the same dealership to take the same quiz with varying questions.

Please note that there may be more than one possible answer to each question, you must read each question very carefully and then select the singular BEST answer. These questions are not designed to be tricky, deceptive or confusing. However, it is important that you do fully understand the rules, laws and regulations in true detail.

Therefore, if you do happen to fail the required seventy five (75%) percent,  do not panic!!! Simply return to the course presentation, study and review the information, and then retake the exam. Please keep in mind, the purpose of these course presentations are to ensure the proper understanding of the federal rules, laws, regulations and mandates.

USCA Website Please Note Icon 1Please Note:  Several, if not all, of these rules, laws, regulations and mandates are amended, altered, changed and/or completely overhauled on a continuous basis. Therefore, it is advisable to re-visit these courses on a regular basis. Our professional staff are vigilant in reviewing new updates to all of these rules, laws, regulations and mandates.

Good luck, and the very best of wishes in your quest for knowledge, and your efforts in helping the dealership maintain compliance with federal rules, laws, and regulations!

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