Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional

$279.00 / year

The US Compliance Academy (USCA) created the “Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional” designation as a distinguished recognition for those industry professionals that meet the standards and agree to abide by the accompanying “Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy.”



In order to attain the distinction, and earn the status, of being a USCA Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional, the following conditions must be met:

  • The Professional must take and pass ALL Online USCA Certification Courses.
  • Upon completion of the Online USCA Certification Courses, the Professional must accept and sign the “USCA Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy” acknowledging their agreement to operate and conduct themself within the professional conduct outlined therein.

The US Compliance Academy will then provide the Professional with the USCA’s Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional badge/medallion that they can proudly place on their business cards, and an accompanying Certificate of Recognition for earning such a distinction. The Professional may also start adding the coveted “CCEP” next to their name on business cards, email signatures etc.