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The USCA, and its affiliates, operates as an agency for some of the leading providers of  dealership products & services.  Please contact us for more information via our “Contact Us” Page, or at 541-408-4136.  Listed below are some of these nationally recognized products & services providers.

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In accordance with various federal regulatory mandates, including provisions within the Dodd-Frank Act and FTC regulations, dealerships are required to maintain a Dealership Compliance Manual.

This Manual should be made readily available to ALL EMPLOYEES, and updated on a regular basis. Most industry experts suggest an annual review. This Manual should contain the dealership’s policy & procedures on how to maintain compliance with mandated rules, laws & regulations, including consumer privacy laws.

The NIADA (National Independent Dealers Association) has informed their members that:

“In previous dealership federal audits, investigations and civil litigation, independent dealers have been required to provide documented proof of all required compliance training and to produce all written Policies on demand. Failure to produce documentation of required training and/or Policies, has contributed to fines in the tens of thousands and even federal prison terms for the dealer.”

A failure to comply with Federal compliance mandates, and/or employee understanding and acknowledgment of regulatory mandates, could be placing the dealership at a perilous risk!

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The USCA Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) RV Program will provide your dealership and sales professionals with a top-notch CPO Program.  Discover how to elevate your pre-owned inventory sales, just as thousands of  dealerships nationwide have over the past few years.

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With EcoRVPro’s™  ExteriorShield™  and MicrobeRepel™  products, You can protect the journey from the hazards that can effect the value of your RV, your experience, and your family. EcoRVPro’s™ products are unique in the industry as they are water-based and contain no VOCs, no CFCs, no ODCs, no HAPs, no solvents and are non-flammable.

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  • February 12, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    The information provided by this website is remarkable. Our staff found the information valuable, and the accompanying quizzes were easy to navigate.
    We would highly recommend your compliance program to all dealerships.
    We simply can’t allow our guard to be down when it comes to compliance.


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