Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) RV Program

The CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED RV Marketing Program is a top-flight marketing & advertising program. It has been creatively designed to allow the dealership the advantage of strategically offering prospective Consumers a better choice when it comes to selecting a Pre-Owned RV.

Every dealership promotes their Pre-Owned RVs as “The best.” However, by utilizing our exclusive “Certified Pre-Owned RV” program (Hereafter “CPO RV”), your dealership offers a step above all others. By conducting a CPO RV PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), placing our CPO RV sticker on the RV and the accompanying inclusion of a limited VSC (Vehicle Service Contract), of the dealership’s choice, your Consumer will be comforted that they are dealing with a truly CPO RV.

How does this Certified Pre-Owned RV Marketing Program work?

The dealership signs up for our “Certified Pre-Owned RV” Marketing Program. We will provide the program details, including instructions on how to properly implement the program. We will supply an initial order of CPO RV Check Sheets (Hereafter Check Sheet) for your service department to utilize. The Technician will inspect and sign off on the CPO RV Check Sheet. All major RV VSC administrators cover most, if not all, of the items listed on this Check Sheet. Your dealership is most likely already conducting a PDI that is more detailed, and already includes the items listed on this Check Sheet.

The Check Sheet comes as a two-part NCR set. After the service technician completes the CPO RV PDI, and marking off the completed components of the CPO RV PDI, the Check Sheet is placed in an accompanying plastic sheet cover. This Check Sheet is then placed in the RV. The Dealership Sales Team will now be able to utilize this Check Sheet to show the prospective Consumer all the items that have already been properly inspected by your service department. And the Sales Person will take this Check Sheet to the F&I Office, and the F&I Manager will have the Consumer sign this Check Sheet and keep one copy for their files.

The dealership is supplied an initial order of CPO RV stickers to place on the entrance door to each properly inspected RV. This Certified Pre-Owned RV Marketing Program provides the dealership total control, including:

  • The RVs are inspected by YOUR service department, not an outside or third-party operation that you have limited to no control over. This ensures the RVs are inspected to a high standard utilizing the CPO RV Check Sheet.
  • YOUR dealership decides what VSC administrator to utilize for the guaranteed assurance of a certified limited warranty
  • YOUR dealership decides how to ethically & professionally market and advertise this consumer-based incentive program

Please contact our Dealership Executive Partner Team for further details:

Email: Info@uscomplianceacademy.com
Phone: 541-408-4136