Data Breach

Dark Web Breach Alert Monitoring
This service monitors multiple sources of public and private data breaches and alerts if email addresses at the company’s domain name (ie. are included in the breached data.
Dark Web Business Credential Monitoring
This service monitors the businesses’ identity credentials (EIN/SSN, address, and other provided information) on public and private/dark-web internet black market sites, hacker forums and chat and discussion areas through a combination of web crawling indexing and human intelligence.
Identity Protection and Monitoring (“Full Package”) for Employees and Owners
Included in the service is coverage for all employees and owners of the dealership to get the Full Identity Theft Protection and Monitoring Service. This service includes victim identity recovery [IDR] and internet monitoring services [IM].
Breach Prevention and Data Security Education and Training
This service provides best practices, training documents, and information and educational materials on preventing breaches, securing data, and protecting consumer and employee records to help prevent and/or mitigate the impacts of a data breach.
Breach Notification Service (Postal and/or Email Delivery of Breach Notification Letters)
This service provides assistance in drafting breach notification letters after a breach has occurred and covers the cost of mailing the first 5,000 breach notification letters. It also includes a pre-breach pricing discount on notification letters beyond the first 5,000 letters included in the service.
2 Years of Breach Victim Identity Theft Recovery and Monitoring Services
This service provides complimentary victim identity theft recovery (IDR) service and identity monitoring services for free for the first 100,000 victims of a covered breach. It also includes a pre-breach pricing discount for victim recovery and monitoring for victims beyond the included initial 100,000 victims.
Internet Black Market Monitoring (IM)
Provides monitoring of customer information on public and private black-market sites, hacker forums and chat and discussion areas through a combination of web crawling indexing and human intelligence. Requires customer to opt-in to monitoring by creating online account and adding customer information to be monitored.
Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery Service for Breach Victims Includes 2 Years of Access to:
24/7/365 Toll-Free Victim Response Center - a dedicated toll-free number for victims to call the Identity Theft Response Center’s 24/7/365 Bilingual (English and Spanish) hotline, to report a potential theft and to open a recovery/restoration case.
Dedicated Recovery Advocate - each victim is assigned a dedicated Identity Theft Recovery Advocate who will work the entire case until the victim is restored to pre-theft status.
Personalized Recovery Plan – the victim’s dedicated Advocate conducts an intake interview and develops a personalized case plan to document and dispute all fraudulent matters necessary to recover/restore the victim’s identity.
Limited Power of Attorney - through a Limited Power of Attorney, each victim’s dedicated Advocate will perform a Fully Managed Recovery/Restoration and may dispute and reverse fraudulent transactions and accounts.
Expanded Monitoring for Victims – to help monitor continued resolution of each victim’s identity, victims receive one year of complimentary monitoring services that can include credit monitoring, name and alias monitoring, phone number monitoring, address monitoring, criminal monitoring, and internet black-market monitoring as needed.
24/7/365 Breach Response Center
Dealers have access to our Identity Response Center that provides 24/7/365 access to report a potential data breach and to get assigned to a Dedicated Breach Response Coordinator as part of the included Breach Response Coordination Service.
Breach Response Coordination Service
This service provides complimentary access to a Dedicated Breach Response Coordinator that will assist the dealer in responding to covered data breach events (breaches that are discovered while coverage is in effect). This coordination service includes assistance with breach notification, coordination and referral to any outside assistance required by the unique facts of the covered breach, and assistance in setting up the included breach notifications and victim recovery and monitoring services.
Breach Call Center Coordination Service
This service provides assistance in coordinating with call centers involved in handling the breach response, including assistance with FAQs, scripting, and call routing best practices.
Breach Law Enforcement Coordination Service
This service provides coordination between local and/or federal law enforcement agencies to assist in responding to covered breach events if it is determined that law enforcement should be notified and/or involved in the breach response.
Breach Legal Referral Service
This service provides referrals to local and/or national law firms that can assist with answering legal questions regarding the covered breach event.
Breach Computer and Network Forensic Referral and Coordination Service
This service provides referrals and coordination with forensic specialists that can assist in determining the scope and impact of a data breach and/or assist in securing and restoring access to breached systems.
Breach Public Relations Referral Service
This service provides referrals to assist a breached organization with their public relations needs with regards to responding to the breach event.