Regulatory Record Retention & Timeline Mandates

The FTC, IRS, Attorney Generals, and other regulatory agencies have little tolerance for errors and failure to file regulatory forms & documents in the timelines provided by each regulatory mandate. Failure to follow these mandated timelines can result in severe penalties and/or fines. It is equally important to closely adhere to regulatory record retention mandates, which carry their own individual fines and/or penalties.

Civil Litigators often utilize failures to properly follow regulatory record retention mandates and other regulatory timelines as the foundation for initiating and/or corroborating a legal action, including the nightmare of all civil litigation-a Class Action Lawsuit. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to adhere to these record retention & timeline mandates if your Dealership doesn’t want to risk a major audit, investigation and/or a civil litigation (Including potential class-action lawsuits) regarding the Dealership’s business conduct.

This Course provides valuable information regarding key regulatory record retention and timeline mandates that Dealerships must adhere to.

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