New Hires and Mandatory Annual Updated Review and Renewal

Your Dealership has chosen to have you read and/or review these federal rules, laws and regulations as part of their ongoing efforts to ensure each and every Employee understands, and complies with, these federal mandates.

This Course is designed specifically for all “New Hires” as part of the Dealership’s hiring process, as well as a refresher and renewal learning process for all existing Employees. This is conducted on an annual basis to ensure that all Employees are familiar with, and agree to abide by, all current rules, laws and regulations. It should go without saying that several rules, laws and regulations have ongoing changes and/or modifications, and this annual refresher/renewal will ensure that all Employees are kept up to date.

While the Dealership must maintain a Compliance Manager during all hours of business operations, please keep in mind that YOU are your own Compliance Manager!  Compliance starts AND relies on EACH Employee!!

  • Each, and every, violation caused by ANY Employee of your operation, can severely impact the overall status and financial welfare of the Dealership.
  • That means that a single Employee can be responsible for a negative affect, that could have far reaching penalties and fines.
  • Keep in mind, your Dealership is like a chain. It is only as strong as its weakest link!
  • And, a financial impact to the Dealership, caused by the lack of attention of a single Employee, can have damaging results for every Employee!
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