Ancillary Products Working Knowledge

This Course was developed to provide Dealership Personnel a basic working knowledge of Ancillary Products that are available, and generally sold, to Dealership Consumers.  This Course material is an excellent overview for the entire Dealership Personnel. This includes:
Office, F&I, Sales, Service Department, Parts Department and Detail Department Staff.

  • An ”Ancillary Product,” sometimes referred to as an “Add-on Product,” is an EXTRA product protection that a Consumer would purchase voluntarily with an Auto, RV, Marine or Power Sports Unit that provides additional protections.  Such as:
    • VSC (Vehicle Service Contract)
    • Appearance Protection Product (APP) (Paint sealant, fabric, vinyl and leather Protection)
    • GAP Waiver (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
    • Tire and Wheel (Roadside Hazard Protection)

These Ancillary Products offer:

  • Genuine added protection benefits for the Consumer
  • Additional profits for the Dealership
  • A higher level of a CSI (Consumer Satisfaction Index) due to a Consumer feeling better about their purchased unit being properly protected against potential costly events

However, if an Ancillary Product is misrepresented or sold under false pretenses, the results  can have far reaching consequences.

  • The Sales and marketing of Ancillary or Add-on Products by Dealerships have been a high priority for regulators for the past few years.
  • Most enforcement actions relating to Ancillary Products have been predicated on allegations of Unfair, Deceptive, and/or Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP or UDAP) — a broadly applied, subjective, and context specific theory of liability.

Regardless of whether you are just starting your career in the Dealership, or are an experienced professional, a visit to the basic working knowledge of Ancillary Products offered by the Dealership  is advised at least on an annual basis.

  • “Ancillary Products Working Knowledge” is designed to accomplish this task.
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