Code of Conduct & Ethics

This Education Course is designed to provide Employees with information regarding what is expected of them while employed with the Dealership, with regards to their conduct both, while working at the Dealership and at any time that the Employee is representing the Dealership and/or attending a function/event that involves the Dealership in any manner and/or situation.

Furthermore, by accepting employment with the Dealership and thereby agreeing to always abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics (Hereafter, “The Code”), the Employee acknowledges and accepts that any violation and/or deviation from The Code is a direct reflection on the personal actions and behaviors of the Employee and IS NOT the responsibility or actions of the Dealership.

In short, ALL Employees agree and accept to abide by The Code, and accept any deviations as a personal violation, which subjects the Employee to possible recourse, including termination of employment and potential referral to law enforcement for serious infractions and/or violations.

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