Ancillary or Add-on Products

This Course was developed to provide Dealership Employees a basic working knowledge of Ancillary or Add-on Products that are available, and generally sold, to Dealership Consumers. This Course material is an excellent overview for the entire Dealership Staff. This includes Office, Finance or Business, Sales, Service, Parts and Detail Departments Employees.

An ”Ancillary Product,” also referred to as an “Add-on Product,” is an EXTRA “Product Protection” that a Consumer would purchase voluntarily with an RV, Auto, Marine or Power Sports Unit that provides additional protections.

Please keep in mind that not every Dealership offers all of these Ancillary/Add-on Products, and other Dealerships have decided to offer additional Ancillary/Add-on Products not discussed herein.

We have selected the top selling Ancillary/Add-on Products, according to our research, to include within the scope of our Courses. The same compliance concerns should be provided when dealing with all Ancillary/Add-on Products that are offered to the Dealership’s Consumers.

Regardless of whether an Employee is just starting their career in the Retail Dealership Industry, or are an experienced Professional, a visit to the basic working knowledge of Ancillary/Add-on Products offered by the Dealership is advised at least on an annual basis.

This “Ancillary and Add-on Products” Course is designed to accomplish this task.

An added benefit of this Course is like the benefit of a toolbox. It exists simply to provide the Employee with several useful tools.

How, and when, the Employee chooses to utilize any of these tools provided to accomplish their assigned tasks, is up to the individual Employee.

Since this Course is designed for a mixed audience, we will assume that everyone’s toolbox is empty at this moment.

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