Certificate of Completion

For the dealership:

It is recommended that the dealership retain a copy of every certification that each employee completes. Not only can this be an important part of an employee’s annual review, but it could prove highly beneficial to a regulatory audit and/or investigation/inquiry.  It demonstrates the dealership’s ongoing efforts in ensuring that the dealership remains current with its obligations to maintain a vigilant compliance program.

For the employee:

It is important to show that you have obtained additional training in your chosen field, within the relevant courses that apply. In the RV, Marine, and Power Sports industries, this can’t be more true. Employers recognize that time and effort is required in training, and a certification will identify your dedication, not only to your employer, but to your consumers as well.

Hang it on your wall, show your dedication to your employer, customers, and industry.The US Compliance Academy provides the opportunity to download certificate(s) of completion for each course successfully completed.  Authorized personnel are capable, at any time, to reprint the certification, as needed, as long as the dealership’s membership account is active.