About Us

Our Mission Statement

“Providing industry leading compliance and dealership education and training, while offering the foremost ancillary products for profitability and customer satisfaction”

Galina Campbell

Executive Business Partner
Marketing and Sales Director

About Galina

Galina has extensive experience in large scale retail and marketing. Her background with helping others realize their full potential with skillsets in marketing and sales has benefitted many others that are working within the retail industry. Her outgoing personality and quick ability to understand the needs of others within this industry has made her a valuable asset to the overall development and ongoing success for our clients.

Geoff Vough

IT and Operations Director

About Geoff

Geoff's experience in the Automobile Industry is extensive. Starting in sales, Geoff has navigated his career through the key dealership leadership positions of an F&I Manager to F&I Director to Lease Manager for large multi-point dealerships.

He has worked with, earned formal education with IT processes and website utilizations.

He provides valuable assistance to clients and the overall technical management of our ever growing need for advanced technology, as we reach out to serve the technical needs of our clients.

Charles Campbell

Senior Dealership Educator
Education & Dealer Development Director

About Charles

Charles has over 30 years experience in the retail auto, marine, power sports and RV industry. His experiences range from being a Sales Person to F&I manager and Director to General Manager.

Along with his well-reviewed, and insightful industry articles and his unique, dynamic and energetic presentations, he remains a highly sought-after sought after public speaker, educator and trainer for state and national conventions. Having delivered hundreds of presentations at such events.

As a result of being a former member of the U.S. elite Army Rangers and Arctic Paratroopers, and having worked with other elite military groups, such as the U.S. Navy Seals, U.S. Marine Recon, U.S. Special Forces, U.S. Delta Force, Canada's elite anti-terrorist Special Emergency Response Team (SERT),and British Special Air Service (SAS) and Royal Marines Commandos on various functions, he has also authored a nationally recognized outdoor navigation/survival book entitled "find yourself."

This book is used by dealerships as a promotional giveaway for shows and events. It is also sold nationwide in select retail outlets. This handbook is also sought after as a fundraiser for everyone from the Boy Scouts of America to Church fundraisers to school clubs.